Saturday, December 31, 2011


Techie: oh raju how are you

Raju :fine

Techie:In previous conversation you said that you will think about who was starting first to share something


Techie: why can you start ?...

Raju:Ok Let us share some things about Lord ganesh


Raju: Ganesh is a god of all gods and god to remove all our obstacles


Raju:Lets share about Lord Ganesh

Techie:That Great

Raju:Ganesha was created by Goddess Parvathi for her privacy as a guardian while taking bath intruders disturb her. To avoid he was created.Godess created a boy by his sandal applied on her body.The boy was ordered not to allow anybody inside while she is talking bath.

Lord Shiva [God of Destroy ] want to meet Godess so he went to meet her. The young boy did not allow him. He give various warning to his devotees called Ganas.He did not respond to them.As a result he was frustrated. So he throws his weapon to kill his head.

The boy was fell down. At the time Goddess parvati came there and asked for justice. She told that if the boy was not alive the world will face consequences .

All gods who were seeing are afraid about future when goddess takes destruction he asked to shiva that to give live to the boy. Lord shiva tolds that it is impossible.

Others told that it is possible if we fix a head of head’s another creature whose head was faced by oppsite to his mother.

Ganas saw a monkey who was sleeping but it faces towards its mother.

Ganans looking a baby elephant was sleeping keeping his head opposite to his mother.Ganas chunked the elephant head.Lord shiva fixed the head of elephant and bless the young boy with elephant head.

Goddess feared about the look of his son So she was worried .Other god told that the son was called as GANAPATHY which means HEAD OF SHIVA’S GANA.

The other goddess bless with him with people start with their work by praising you.

Techie:Oh that nice How can we got bless from him

Raju:By saying his slokas OM GANESHEYA NAMAH

Techie:Oh thus nice Let us start our knowledge sharing by his sloka. [chrously saying]


In a city called Ganeshpuram a small boy Raju was lived. He is fond of collecting some historical things. Like this he collected a jar .On seeing this he saw a saying “Update”. He amazed to see this quote.

He opened and in that a geek is come up .And he said that he will learn some current events.Raju asked in which manner he know it.

He replied that he know what is current trend which is in book which tells the current events.

Let’s join together and watch them

Raju: Welcome to this environment my dear friend

Techie:Oh Thanks

Raju: Thanks can we have some exchange


Raju:You tell what you currently learned?

Techie:Yes Of course

Raju:Then I will exchange some Abbreviations

Techie:Who will start first

Raju: Let us think……..

Techie:You see this world by this nature and by you I see this….


Friday, December 16, 2011

HAI MY DEAR Sun flowerers

In a couple of days a techie will come and tell the tech in different manner.
I hope your will enjoy it

Life is a healthy tree where roots are resource gathering from this world and leaves of producer innovative things.

While reading this post somebody confused that why this guy saying Sunflower.

Sunflower will turn towards Sunlight to grow.
We should turn towards where resources are available
Like this i am posting some few things
I got some reply[as light to grow]

Thank you my dear Sun flowers.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The double-decker trains are designed indigenously by Research Development and Standard Organisation and developed by Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala. The coaches run on diesel traction for now. The train will consist of nine coaches, including seven AC double-decker chair-cars, with 128 seats in each coach. “With 65-70 per cent increase in the carrying capacity, the railways would be able to double its earnings.”

This train will stop at Barddhaman, Durgapur, Asansol, Barakar and Kumardhubi on both ways en-route, though the permissible speed is only 110 km/hour. “The overall height of double-decker coaches has been increased marginally (four-and-a-half inches) keeping in view the constraints such as overhead structures, bridges, electric traction equipment and platforms. These can be used without modifying any of the fixed structures, except for clearing some minor infringements,” the official said.

Space for the two decks has been generated by optimally using the well space between the two bogies. The base of the coach is also below the platform level, said the official. It is using end-on-generation configuration where power for train lighting and air-conditioning is supplied by two power cars, attached at both ends of the train to save the power.

The new AC design has features such as stainless steel body, high-speed Eurofima design bogies with air springs and many other safety-related measures. The coaches are fitted with control discharge toilet system.



We should be proud to be INDIAN because we are roll model to all others.

In this world are people are have some basic rights.
But due to some reasons other will rule the native people who are citizens.
To get independence from their others many leaders fought but
When gandhi followed this principle he puissant suffered which resulted independence of INDIAN.

I believe that Gandhi overcame the sectarianism that divide religions. For him, the truth of the Gita and the Christian Gospel is in humans, when it negates the ego and eliminates their vices and bad habits that internal struggle of every human being, as described in the Mahabharata. As a Christian, I revere Gandhi as love and compassion of Christ to give the face of kindness to him who does evil.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hai friends
Money, money everywhere not

This is new slogan for Air tel wallet service.
Are you bored with online transaction.Are you bored with this one.
For you air tel had introduced a new scheme airtel wallet.Here the details.

Air-tel has launched india's first mobile wallet service in the field of telecommunication.

To this facility customer can make some financial transactions in a secured way.
In 2010 Airtel was granted to provide SEMI CLOSED WALLET by the R.B.I.
Airtel introduced this facility in Gurgaon.

How to get service[SEMI CLOSED WALLET ]
1.Register by filling in the application form and submitting KYC documents (2 photocopies of proof-of-identity, 1 copy of proof-of-address and a passport size photograph).
After the above, your existing airtel SIM will be upgraded to the new 64K airtel SIM with airtel money
2.Activate your airtel money account by choosing your MPIN.
3.Load cash into your airtel money account by visiting your nearest airtel retailer
4.You are now ready to send commands through the airtel money application on your phone and transact anytime.
Thus all.You can enjoy.

Airtel charges RS 5 for monthly subscription and charges Rs 5 for per payment.

1.Load cash
2.Pay bills and recharge
3.Shop and make payments.