Saturday, December 31, 2011


Techie: oh raju how are you

Raju :fine

Techie:In previous conversation you said that you will think about who was starting first to share something


Techie: why can you start ?...

Raju:Ok Let us share some things about Lord ganesh


Raju: Ganesh is a god of all gods and god to remove all our obstacles


Raju:Lets share about Lord Ganesh

Techie:That Great

Raju:Ganesha was created by Goddess Parvathi for her privacy as a guardian while taking bath intruders disturb her. To avoid he was created.Godess created a boy by his sandal applied on her body.The boy was ordered not to allow anybody inside while she is talking bath.

Lord Shiva [God of Destroy ] want to meet Godess so he went to meet her. The young boy did not allow him. He give various warning to his devotees called Ganas.He did not respond to them.As a result he was frustrated. So he throws his weapon to kill his head.

The boy was fell down. At the time Goddess parvati came there and asked for justice. She told that if the boy was not alive the world will face consequences .

All gods who were seeing are afraid about future when goddess takes destruction he asked to shiva that to give live to the boy. Lord shiva tolds that it is impossible.

Others told that it is possible if we fix a head of head’s another creature whose head was faced by oppsite to his mother.

Ganas saw a monkey who was sleeping but it faces towards its mother.

Ganans looking a baby elephant was sleeping keeping his head opposite to his mother.Ganas chunked the elephant head.Lord shiva fixed the head of elephant and bless the young boy with elephant head.

Goddess feared about the look of his son So she was worried .Other god told that the son was called as GANAPATHY which means HEAD OF SHIVA’S GANA.

The other goddess bless with him with people start with their work by praising you.

Techie:Oh that nice How can we got bless from him

Raju:By saying his slokas OM GANESHEYA NAMAH

Techie:Oh thus nice Let us start our knowledge sharing by his sloka. [chrously saying]

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