Saturday, December 31, 2011


In a city called Ganeshpuram a small boy Raju was lived. He is fond of collecting some historical things. Like this he collected a jar .On seeing this he saw a saying “Update”. He amazed to see this quote.

He opened and in that a geek is come up .And he said that he will learn some current events.Raju asked in which manner he know it.

He replied that he know what is current trend which is in book which tells the current events.

Let’s join together and watch them

Raju: Welcome to this environment my dear friend

Techie:Oh Thanks

Raju: Thanks can we have some exchange


Raju:You tell what you currently learned?

Techie:Yes Of course

Raju:Then I will exchange some Abbreviations

Techie:Who will start first

Raju: Let us think……..

Techie:You see this world by this nature and by you I see this….


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